City Council Meeting August 15, 2017

Agenda item #20 on the consent calendar is to approve Federal Grant money. This is the link to the two page memo which supports this item:

From the linked material:

“Earlier this year, OEA (Office of Economic Adjustment) notified Pacific Gateway that the City would receive additional funding of $1,512,023 to continue and expand the project.  For this new round of grant funds, Pacific Gateway will work with various businesses to assess their economic competitiveness, conduct asset mapping, and support the City’s modified Planning and Zoning documents. Pacific Gateway will also contract with the following project partners to assist with completion of deliverables:” (the chart won’t copy and paste)  The two companies listed on the chart are SJM Consulting for a contract amount of $565,000 and Dudek Consulting for a contract amount of $560,000.
The project description is that it addresses the economic and workforce impact of the C-17 plant closure.
The way it’s worded, the city didn’t request the money. Why did OEA contact Pacific Gateway directly? Consent calendar items are supposed to be routine, non-controversial items that don’t need discussion. Why is this item not listed on the business calendar for discussion? Very suspicious.
Why is the City of Long Beach approving the Federal Government giving the City of Long Beach what appears to be unsolicited money to be handed over to Pacific Gateway to “… and support the City’s modified Planning and Zoning documents” by contracting with two additional businesses?
It’s up to the citizens of Long Beach to either support or oppose the modified Planning and Zoning documents – not the businesses they’re proposing to contract with.
I will be there on Tuesday to make comments about this item. This is the link to the agenda:
By the way, for those who are following this blog, my absence for the last couple of weeks was because my husband was in the hospital. He’s doing better now.

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