The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Planning Commission Meeting 8/17/17

The Good:

The Planning Commission paid attention and heard Long Beach resident’s concerns about the proposed re-zoning of Long Beach neighborhoods. The Commission didn’t approve the proposal and voted 4 – 1 to send it back to staff for more public outreach.

Long Beach Development Services Director, Amy Bode, acknowledged that Senate Bill 35 will, if passed, eliminate the city’s ability to be involved with future developments.

Long Beach communities were energized, engaged, and organizing.

The Bad:

The “Staff” tried to change the wording in the amendment, at least twice, which had already been specified by Commissioner Andy Perez, and seconded by Commissioner Templin.

The “Staff” has decided that their proposed Land Use document will be forwarded to the City Council for consideration at the October 3 City Council meeting regardless of the lack of the Planning Commission’s approval.

“I’m telling you that I am taking it to city council October 3 with or without your recommendations on the land use maps itself,” Development Services Director Amy Bodek told the commission.

The Ugly:

The political fall out from this new high density re-zoning proposal if the City Council continues to push it.

UPDATE: Mayor Garcia has said the plan will not be considered at the October 3rd City Council meeting, as Amy Bodek had dictated, but instead the Planning Commission’s recommendation will be followed. My conclusion from this is that Mayor Garcia is indeed intending to run for the State Senator seat which will be vacated when Ricardo Lara becomes State Insurance Commissioner after the November 2018 election.



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