1) Tuesday night at the L.B. City Council meeting, I asked the city to pass a resolution which opposes SB 35. Please contact your city council member to make this request. Daryl Supernaw’s contact information is (562)570-4444. Stacy Mungo’s contact information is (562)570-5555.

Contact information for the other council member is at:

2) I would like to organize a group to hold signs and hand out flyers at the Concert sponsored by Representative Patrick O’Donnell on Friday. We need to hold him accountable and ask him to vote NO on Senate Bill 35 which will take away all local control over what developments are built and the ability to include parking requirements. The final vote on SB 35, which is the Assembly vote, will take place before Sept. 15th when the legislative session ends. I’ll make some signs which say “Vote No on SB 35” “STOP High Density in Our Neighborhoods” “Ask O’Donnell to Vote NO on SB 35” “Protect Our Neighborhoods from High Density” “NO High Density With Zero Parking”. Can anyone help hold signs and hand out flyers which I’ll provide? My cell phone # is (562)290-9364

Friday September 8th
At the Concert in the Park
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Marine Stadium Park
5255 East Paoli Way
Community Coffee
Saturday September 9th
10:30 am to 11:30 am
110 North Marina Drive

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